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Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes you just need a quick answer, so we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions below. But if you need more comprehensive information, you can find it at Planning Your Project page.

Getting Started

Q: How much fencing will I need?

The size of your fence is calculated in linear feet. To determine the total number of linear feet you need, add the individual parts of your yard together. Your sales rep will also calculate this during your estimate.

Q: Do I need to know where I want to put any gates?

It is a good idea to know the general location and number of gates you need. Things to keep in mind: lawn movers (width) and access, your traffic flow, use of yard, and any grade changes. Your sales rep will discuss this with you as well.

Q: What is a plat of survey and why do I need one for my fence?

A plat of survey is a scaled map of a property drafted by a registered land surveyor that shows property boundaries and all of the structures on the property. We will use this to determine where we can install the fence on your property. The plat is typically included with closing documents when you purchase a home.

Q: What if I don't have a copy of my plat of survey?

Your plat of survey may be held by your mortgage company, a government agency that issued a previous building permit, or the land surveyor who prepared it. Check with them to see if they have a copy. If they don't, you may have to contact a surveyor to create a new one since this document is required for your installation.

Q: Do I need a permit, and where do I get one?

Most communities require a permit for fence installation. Be sure to check with your city, township, or county for permit requirements, where to apply, approval times, and costs.

Q: I live in a community with a Homeowners Association (HOA). Are there rules I need to follow?

Most HOAs will have fence guidelines in their bylaws. You may also need to get the HOA's approval before your fence can be installed.


Q: What is JULIE, and do I have to call them?

JULIE stands for Joint Utility Locating Information for Excavators. They locate and mark public utilities such as cable lines, power lines, and gas lines. We follow the markings to do our best to not hit these lines during your installation. State law requires everyone to contact JULIE before any digging project, regardless of the project size or depth. The record should be in the name of the individual or company doing the digging, so you do not need to contact them. Learn more about JULIE.

Q: What are private utilities, and why do I need to mark them?

Private utilities are those that the homeowner has installed. These can include private electrical (to a shed, garage, outdoor lights), sprinkler systems, drain tiles, invisible fences, etc. It is your responsibility to mark their location and they must be marked before our arrival. We follow the markings to do our best to not hit these lines during your installation. If private utilities are not located and marked by the property owner, and we hit them as a result, we are not liable for any damages.

Q: Will you tear down & haul away my current fence?

If you are replacing an existing fence, the cost for teardown and haul-away will be included in your estimate.

Q: What if I have landscaping near where my fence is being installed?

It is your responsibility to either trim or relocate any plants, trees, shrubs, or flowers that could get damaged during your installation before we arrive.


Q: How long have you been in business?

Peerless Fence Group has been installing fences since 1961. Learn more about Peerless Fence Group.

Q: What other brands does Peerless Fence Group own?

Peerless Fence Group proudly includes Peerless Fence & Supply, Tru-Link Fence, Shogren Fence, The Fence Store, IFFT Quality Fencing, Woodland Fence, TNT Fence, Total Fencing, Link-n-Wood Fence, Imperial Fence Co., and Gate Options. Learn more about our brands.

Q: What areas do you service?

We currently service the Chicagoland area, south into Bloomington / Champaign, Illinois; southern Wisconsin, western Indiana, Indianapolis area, and Ohio.

Q: Do your products have a warranty?

Yes, we have warranties that cover both labor and materials. All labor is warrantied for one year after installation, and all materials are warrantied by the individual manufacturers. Learn more about our warranties.

Q: Do you offer financing?

Yes, we offer 24-month, interest-free special financing through Synchrony Financial. A 50% deposit is required. Learn more about financing your fence. Your sales rep can also provide you with more details during your estimate.

Q: Are you licensed, bonded, and insured?

Yes, we are licensed, bonded, and insured for your protection. We meet or exceed requirements for both residential and commercial installations.

Q: Do you install fences during the winter months?

Yes, we can install and repair fences throughout the year. Note that installation may be delayed if there are extreme weather conditions that would prohibit us from working outside.

Q: Can you repair damage to my existing fence?

Yes, our Service & Repair Department is happy to review any issues you are having with your fence - even some fences not installed by us - and recommend the best remedy for your situation. Learn more about our residential fence service & repairs and our commercial fence service & repairs.

Q: Can I purchase only the materials for my fence?

Yes, you can purchase the fence materials without having us do your installation. Learn more about purchasing materials and parts for residential fences and purchasing materials and part for commercial fences.

Q: Do you install previously purchased fence materials?

No, we do not install material that you have purchased separately. Our estimates provide pricing for both labor and material. We only guarantee / warranty the products we sell.