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Pet Fences

Pet Fences

Keeping your dog contained safely in your yard is a must, and so is choosing a fence that's right for you and your pet. When selecting the material, height, and picket spacing for your dog fence, you should consider the animal's size and personality.

What size is your dog? Is your dog large enough to easily get over a standard-height fence, or small enough to wiggle underneath a bottom rail?

How will your dog behave around a fence? Will the dog try to jump or climb over it, dig under it or chew through it? Or will the dog try to squeeze itself through the fence?

How does your dog react to activity outside your yard? Does it bark at every car, bike, person, or dog that passes your home?

These factors should help guide you towards your final fence design. In our experience, we have found that these products work well for dog fences.

You can also learn more at our blog post How to Choose the Right Dog Fence.

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