Residential Natural Cedar Fences


Western Red Cedar has a light-colored hue with an attractive red tinge, adding a beautiful aesthetic quality to your residential fence as it ages to gray. The wood has a lot of strength but is still soft enough to shape into various fence styles and is often used with intricate and attractive lattice designs.

Some homeowners choose to stain and seal this type of wood in order to maintain its appearance.


Lower Upfront Cost
A residential wood fence is an affordable option when compared to other materials that require less maintenance.

Recommended for using latticework or a distinctive pattern at the top of a fence for additional height and decoration.

Easier Repairs
Wood fence repairs are usually less complex than other materials since damaged or loose boards can be individually replaced.

Western Red Cedar Fences

Our Western Red Cedar residential fences are available in a wide range of different styles, or we can work with you to create a custom design.

Most Popular Styles
Dog Ear Picket
Dog Ear Solid Board
Dog Ear Board on Board
Other Popular Styles
French Gothic Solid Board
Gothic Board on Board
Arched Picket
Arched Solid Board
Arched Board on Board
Scalloped Picket
Scalloped Solid Board
Scalloped Board on Board
Traditional Solid Board w/ Horizontal Lattice Top
Traditional Solid Board w/ Diagonal Lattice Top
Traditional Solid Board w/ 1" x 2" Top
Traditional Solid Board w/ Horizontal Lattice Top & Grooved Rail
Traditional Solid Board w/ Diagonal Lattice Top & Grooved Rail
Traditional Board on Board w/ Horizontal Lattice Top & Grooved Rail
Traditional Board on Board w/ Diagonal Lattice Top & Grooved Rail
Post Tops & Accessories

Add the finishing touch to your fence design with a board top and / or post top design.

Bayview Board Top
Dog Ear Board Top
Flat Top Board Top
French Gothic Board Top
Gothic Board Top
Modified French Gothic Board Top
Traditional Board Top
Bayview Post Top
Cap on Post
Chamfered with Groove Post Top
Chamfered Post Top
Flat Post Top
French Gothic Post Top
Gothic Post Top
Modified French Gothic Post Top

Matching Western Red Cedar walk gates and double drive gates are available to match most styles, sizes, and heights and include standard hinges and latch.

We also offer self-closing and self-latching gate hardware as well as other hardware options. Additional gate styles are also available. Learn more about all of our gate solutions.

Walk Gate
Double Drive Gate
Hardware & Latches

Upgrade the look of your gate with a different style of hardware and / or latch.

Handle 1
Handle 2
Gravity Latch 1
Gravity Latch 2
Maintenance & Warranty

Wood fences need ongoing maintenance in order to maintain their appearance as they age. Learn more on how to care for a wood fence as well as learn more about how wood ages.

The product line is warrantied to be free from manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship under normal and proper usage for three years from the date of installation. Learn more about our warranties.

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