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Gates with Latches & Hinges

Gate Latches

Choose from a variety of standard latches for your gate. We also offer latch options have the capability to be padlocked or to include a lock function.

Gate Hinges

We offer a wide range of standard and self-closing gate hinges that will coordinate with overall look of your fence. A sales rep can provide additional information upon request.

Self-Closing Hinges
Upgrade from a manually closing gate to one that closes on its own. Self-closing hinges allow your gate to automatically close and latch into place.

A self-closing hinge is an ideal solution for parents of small children and pet owners. This product helps to keep kids and pets in your yard, preventing them from escaping through a gate that was inadvertently left open.

What Our Customers Are Saying...

A quality product and a quality job.

Jerry C., La Grange, IL