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Alarm & Security Gates


When you want to be alerted that someone is opening your gate without your knowledge, an integrated safety gate latch with an alarm is an ideal solution.

We offer the MagnaLatch® ALERT from D&D Technologies that offers dual electronic warnings. Bright, flashing LED lights, and an audible alarm will sound when the gate is opened. You will see at a glance, and hear from a distance, when your gate is not secured.

This product is great to use in conjunction with self-closing hinges or around a pool. You will be alerted if a child is trying to enter your pool area without your knowledge.

Other available models offer protection, pet security or simply general-purpose gates around your home and garden. A single beep upon opening warns of visitors or intruders.

Keyable Locks

If you wish to add additional security to your gate without using an alarm, we offer a variety of keyable locks. The majority of our latch options come with the capability to be padlocked or have a lock function included. A sales rep can provide additional information upon request.

What Our Customers Are Saying...

From my 1st call to the finished product, each part was handled in a helpful, friendly, and professional way. Well done.

Bill W., Arlington Heights, IL