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Commercial Treated Pine Fences


Pressure-treated pine is chemically treated to help prevent insect damage, decay, and rot as it ages to a silvery gray. We offer two different type of treated pine for commercial wood fences.

We have been offering a specially treated pine wood called Copperwood for more than 25 years, exclusively from Ozark Timber.

We also offer a green-treated pine option. This wood is sometimes stained and sealed to help maintain its appearance over time.


Lower Upfront Cost
A commercial treated wood fence is an affordable option compared to other lower maintenance materials.

Variety of Styles
Create a custom design or choose from one of our standard styles.

Copperwood Option
Get a fence with a 25 year warranty.

Easier Repairs
Wood fence repairs are usually less complex since any loose or damaged boards can be replaced individually instead of the whole panel.

Treated-Wood Fences

We offer two types of commercial treated wood fences. Each provides different characteristics while aging to a silvery gray color. A sales rep can provide exact specifications based on the wood type and fence style you are interested in.

Copperwood Fences
When Copperwood is first installed, you will see it has a green tint (which is the evidence of the preservative), but then the color will change as the wood ages. The oil used has a noticeable smell and may last a few weeks to a few months. It is safe to smell and to touch, but may be dangerous if ingested, particually for pets.

There is a 25-Year Limited Warranty for Copperwood fences that warrants that any fence component that is damaged by insects or rot will be replaced.

Green-Treated Pine Fences
Green-treated pine is a strong and durable wood where the wood fibers are pressure-treated after most of the moisture has been removed from a drying process.

When these boards are first installed, the wood appears white with a green tint (as evidence of the treatment), but your fence will eventually age to a gray color over time.

See how Copperwood ages

Our commercial treated pine fences are available in many different styles or you can create a custom design, depending on your needs.

Most Popular Styles - Copperwood
Traditional Solid Board
Dog Ear Board on Board
Other Popular Styles - Copperwood
Ballister Picket
Traditional Ballister Picket
Traditional Picket
Traditional Board on Batten
Traditional Board on Board
Traditional Solid w/Ballister Top
Traditional Solid w/ 1x4 Top
Traditional Solid w/English Lattice
French Gothic Solid Board
Gothic Picket
Gothic Board on Board
Dog Ear Solid Board
Arched Picket
Arched Solid Board
Arched Board on Board
Scalloped Picket
Scalloped Solid Board
Scalloped Board on Board
Most Popular Styles - Green-Treated Pine
Gothic Board on Board
Dog Ear Solid Board
Dog Ear Board on Board
Other Popular Styles - Green-Treated Pine
French Gothic Solid Board
Gothic Picket
Arched Picket
Arched Solid Board
Arched Board on Board
Scalloped Picket
Scalloped Solid Board
Scalloped Board on Board
Post Tops & Accessories

Add the finishing touch to your fence design with a board top and / or post top design.

Flat Top Board Top
Dog Ear Board Top
Bayview Boardtop
Gothic Board Top
French Gothic Board Top
Modified French Gothic Board Top
Traditional Board Top
Flat Post Top
Chamfered Post Top
Chamfered with Groove Post Top
Gothic Post Top
French Gothic Post Top
Modified French Gothic Post Top
Bayview Post Top
Cap on Post

Matching treated pine walk gates and double drive gates are available to match most styles, sizes, and heights and include standard hinges and latch.

We also offer self-closing and self-latching gate hardware as well as other hardware options. Additional gate styles are available. Learn more about all of our gate solutions.

Walk Gate
Double Drive Gate
Hardware & Latches

Upgrade the look of your gate with a different style of hardware and / or latch.

Handle 1
Handle 2
Gravity Latch 1
Gravity Latch 2
Maintenance & Warranty

Wood fences need ongoing maintenance in order to maintain their appearance as they age. Learn more on how to care for a wood fence as well as learn more about how wood ages.

Each of our treated pine fences comes with their own limited warranty. Learn more about our warranties.

25-Year Limited Warranty that warrants that any component of your fence that is damaged by insects or rot will be replaced.

Green-Treated Pine
The product line is warrantied to be free from manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship under normal and proper usage for one year from the date of installation.

What Our Customers Are Saying…

Our fence looks even better than we imagined it would. We changed our minds about fence details multiple times and your staff was patient and worked quickly with each change. The men installing were courteous and knowledgeable. They were quick and efficient as well.

John V., Malta, IL