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Omega Commercial Fences


Omega Fence Systems provides highly secure, aesthetic fencing solutions for industrial, commercial, residential and custom designs. These welded wire fences successfully integrate beauty, security and strength to produce the ideal fence for all projects, deterring even the most motivated trespasser and allowing your concept to shine through.


Variety of Styles
More than 10 different model of panels to choose from.

Custom Projects
Swing gates, cantilever gates, panels, post and attachments can all be custom designed.

Think Green
Omega ECO is a unique green fence system that offers security and a three dimensional place for vines to grow. Omega ECO green fence can be attached to a building or free standing.

Louvre styles are perfect for screening equipment, providing privacy or acting as a barrier while higher security projects can benefit from anti-climb and anti-cut panels.


Omega II Fencing Systems are available in architectural, eco friendly, privacy and security styles, each with performance characteristics to meet the needs of your site.

Omega Architectural
Omega Eco
Omega Max
Omega 10
Omega 20
Omega 80
Omega 100

Omega II Fence Systems offers swing and cantilevered gates with single or double doors. Gates are available for all panel options as well as custom sizes and designs. They can be built to receive any hardware your project requires.

Single Swing
Double Swing
Single Cantilever
Double Cantilever
What Our Customers Are Saying…
"I want to thank everyone at Peerless who was part of putting my fence up! It is well constructed and I've had many compliments about it. Thank you."
Debbie B., Schaumburg, IL