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Barrier / Parking Gates


Whether in place around a parking lot or at the entry point of a subdivision, parking barriers are useful automated gate systems that provide easy traffic control in one single, self-contained unit. They’re perfect for handling a high volume of traffic, and they help eliminate unauthorized entry for a greater level of security at a location. Wherever you use them, these devices offer quick, efficient cycles that minimize tailgating issues and create more organized, efficient parking areas.

A great way to use parking barriers is to combine them with slide gates. Together, the parking lot gate and slide gates can heighten the overall security effectiveness at a site. While a hefty slide gate can keep a facility secure overnight, it also moves at a slower rate, which makes it less convenient for the regular traffic of daytime hours.

In situations where tailgating is or could be a problem, a gate needs to move far quicker than that to control it — and that’s where parking lot barrier gates can come into play. Using a quick-close gate can help eliminate the issue of unauthorized entry while also speeding up access.

We know that workplace safety is a top priority. This is why our Gate Options division has implemented the UL325 & ASTM standards for gate and operator installation to ensure the safety of your employees and property. Learn more about our automated gates at Gate Options, our gate operator division.

Click here to access the UL-325 and ASTM F-2200 documents in more complete versions. Each document in full is available for purchase through Underwriters Laboratories and ASTM International.

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