Since 1961, Peerless Fence has served Milwaukee residents and business property owners with high-quality fence installation and repair. Throughout the western suburbs and all of Milwaukee land, we’ve built a solid reputation based on integrity, high-quality materials, expert installation and responsive customer service. Peerless works with leading fence supply companies to bring you the widest selection of materials and styles. Our experienced installers are masters of their craft. And our knowledge of local building codes and permit requirements ensures your new fence will adhere to Milwaukee’s community standards.

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Advantages of Choosing Peerless Fence

We’ve been going strong for nearly 60 years, thanks to our loyal customers. Why have so many Milwaukee property owners selected Peerless Fence?

  • Our many decades of service has made us thoroughly familiar with Milwaukee fence permit regulations, enabling us to keep your project in compliance from start to finish.
  • We are family-owned business that values and emphasizes integrity.
  • Our wide selection of fence materials and styles offers quality and durability, while giving multiple options for affordable fencing.
  • Our professional fence installers are exceptional workers, and will take excellent care of your property while we work.
  • Peerless Fence has customer service second to none.
  • Peerless has been a member of the American Fence Association since 1977.
Our Fence Types
A Fence for Every Purpose

A good fence serves many purposes: Beautify your yard, protect your home and property, or provide privacy from prying eyes. Here are some of our most common fence styles in Milwaukee:

  • Privacy Fences
    Nosy neighbors or passersby can hinder your enjoyment of your yard or home. A privacy fence is an ideal solution. Learn more about privacy fence options. or view our gallery for inspiration.
  • Swimming Pool Fences
    Thinking of installing a swimming pool? You’ll need a fence – it’s not just a safety measure, it’s the law. Learn more about installing a swimming pool fence in Milwaukee or contact us for an estimate
  • Security Fences
    Protecting your home and family is your top priority. You need a security fence, and you want the best. Call us to discuss your home’s security needs.
  • Gates
    Make your property more secure with one of our residential gates. Options include alarm & security gates, automated estate gates, walk gates — and of course, gates with latches and hinges in a wide range of styles and finishes.
Our Fence Materials
Beauty Meets Functionality in a Range of Fencing Options

Peerless Fence proudly installs a wide range of fence products in Milwaukee. Our fence options are affordable, durable, and fit perfectly with your personal aesthetic. Give your property a unique look that will last for years to come. Fence material options from Peerless Fence include:

  • Wood Fences. Our wood fences offer durability and a timeless look. View our photo gallery for examples.
  • Natural cedar fences. A cedar fence gives your home elegance and heightened curb appeal. Our Western Red Cedar is beautiful on installation, and grows in beauty as it ages.
  • Treated pine fences. Our pine material is treated to prevent insect damage and decay, making it extra durable.
  • Aluminum Fences. Strong and resilient is what our aluminum fencing from Active Yards is described as. Installing an aluminum fence is an economical option that doesn't sacrifice curb appeal. Contact Peerless for a price quote.
  • Vinyl fences. Fade-resistant vinyl fencing is low maintenance and durable. New vinyl fence technology makes it a versatile choice. Call Peerless to learn more.
  • Chain link fences. Chain link fencing allows clear visibility, which means you can keep pets and children in and unwanted visitors out without obstructing your view.
  • Steel fences. Nothing adds to the charm of your Milwaukee home like an ornamental steel fence. Discover why so many of your neighbors are drawn to this enduring style.
  • Wrought iron fences. A wrought iron fence is a classically appealing option. Timeless, durable, and elegant. Install a wrought iron fence to add a bit of decoration to your yard.
  • Composite fences. Due to new materials, composite fences offers the appearance of wood, stone, and metal fences. Our composite fences are engineered to endure the tests of time and weather.
  • Privacy fences. Nosy neighbors or passersby can hinder your enjoyment of your yard or home. A privacy fence is an ideal solution. Learn more about privacy fence options or view our gallery for inspiration.
  • Swimming pool fences. Thinking of installing a swimming pool? You’ll need a fence – it’s not just a safety measure, it’s the law. Learn more about installing a swimming pool fence in Milwaukee or contact us for an estimate.
  • Security fences. Protecting your home and family is your top priority. To do so, you will need a security fence, and you want the best. Call us to discuss your home’s security needs.
Fence Repair Services
Milwaukee Homeowners Trust Peerless Fence to Restore Damaged Fences

Sagging or leaning fence? Automated driveway gate won’t close properly? Fence damage due to fallen trees or branches? We’re here to help!

Call Peerless Fence for fence repair services in Milwaukee. From damaged fence panels to rotting wooden fence posts, we’ve seen it all. Let us inspect your fence damage to discover if fence repair or fence replacement is your best option. Contact us today.

Commercial Fence Contractors
Request a Quote on Installing a Fence at Your Milwaukee Business

Do you need to install a fence at a commercial property in Milwaukee? Peerless Fence has served the local business community proudly for more than 50 years. Contact our commercial services team today to get started with a project estimate. Our full line of commercial fence options include:

Please contact us to discuss your fence requirements. We can identify cost-effective options that meet your budget and functional objectives.


In a village as beautiful as Milwaukee, keeping fence codes and permits up to date is important. Fence installations come with stringent regulations and guidelines. While considering the addition of a fence to your home or business, keep the following details in mind:

What fence materials are allowed in Milwaukee?
Fences in Milwaukee must be built with approved fence wire, wood, vinyl, or metal such as wrought iron. The City of Milwaukee prohibits fences built with scrap lumber, plywood sheets, snow fence, chicken wire, wood pallets, or other unapproved materials.

Can I build a fence in Milwaukee’s historic district?
Before you build a fence in Milwaukee, you must obtain a fence permit, and if you live in Milwaukee’s historic district you must get a Certificate of Appropriateness before you can get a fence permit. You can call the Milwaukee Historic Preservation office at (414) 286-5712 to learn more.

Are there limits on fence height in Milwaukee?
The maximum allowable height of a fence in Milwaukee depends on its location on your lot and on the fence style or material. A fence located in the front yard may not exceed a height of 4’, with limited exceptions. A fence located in a side yard (between houses) may not exceed a height of 4’, unless all portions of the fence higher than 4’ are at least 50% open construction (e.g. lattice).

For corner lots, the side of the house with a narrower street frontage is typically considered the “front” of the lot, no matter which way the house faces. The portion of the lot located on each side of your house is considered the “side” yard. Peerless Fence can help ensure your Milwaukee fence installation abides by all local rules and regulations.

What is the cost of a fence permit in Milwaukee?
The cost of a fence permit (in 2018) is a total of $31.40 ($25 fence permit, $0.40 IT and Training Surcharge and $.00 processing fee).

Can I build a multicolor fence in Milwaukee?
The City of Milwaukee requires fences to be uniform in color. Two colors are allowed if the fence is painted, stained or otherwise properly finished.

This is just a sample of the rules that apply to Milwaukee fencing. Because the city maintains that adherence to codes and inspections is the responsibility of property owners, for your convenience, links to additional information are at the top of this page.

But if you don’t have the time and energy to keep on top of these regulations, we’ve got your back. Peerless is an expert in Milwaukee's fencing regulations and can help you stay up to code.

Factors that Affect Fence Prices in Milwaukee

For many homeowners, the hardest part of building a new fence is determining a budget for your fence installation. Luckily, Peerless Fence is here to help with a few tips.

Here are some of the things that affect fence installation costs:

  • Project Type: Is this a new fence installation? A fence repair? Will demolition and removal of an old fence be necessary?
  • Fence Height: Do you need six-foot tall fencing? Eight feet? Mixed heights? Taller fences typically cost more because of the additional material costs.
  • Fence Length: Less than 100 feet? A few hundred feet? Naturally, the longer the fence the more it can cost.
  • Fence Material: Are you interested in a wood fence? An aluminum fence? Steel or wrought iron? Maybe a vinyl fence or composite fence is right for you? The material you select for your fence is among the biggest factors in your fence’s cost.
  • Fence Purpose: Is this a privacy fence? A security fence? A swimming pool fence? A decorative fence? Different types of fences have different requirements that can affect the cost.