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We contacted Peerless for a fence in our large garden to keep the dogs in…the guys helped out a lot in getting bushes cut back. The result is very nice and we have placed an additional order for our front garden.

Murad and Domenica S., Wheaton, Illinois

Stroll through the neighborhoods of Wheaton, Illinois, and you’ll see why friends and neighbors trust Peerless Fence as their preferred fence installers! We have worked with many clients throughout the Chicago-land area to style and build the fence that works best for them. You can trust Peerless Fence to uphold the standard of quality in each individual fence.

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Advantages of Choosing Peerless Fence
  • Peerless Fence has a thorough understanding of Wheaton fence permit requirements
  • Peerless has been a member of the American Fence Association since 1977
  • We have been neighborhood fence installers since 1961
  • Peerless fence offers fair and competitive prices
  • We insure stress-free installations
  • Our company will take exceptional care of your property while we work
Our Fence Materials and Styles
Durable fences with a variety of building materials.

Peerless Fence offers durable and high-quality fences in a range of building materials. Our company proudly installs a wide range of fence products in Wheaton. You are sure to find the right combination of aesthetic, durability, and affordability in one of our popular fence options:

  • Wood Fences
    Nothing is as timeless or enduring as a natural wood fence. View our photo gallery for inspiration.
  • Aluminum Fences
    Our aluminum fencing from ActiveYards® is designed to be strong and durable. Aluminum fence is an economical option that doesn’t sacrifice curb appeal. Contact Peerless Fence to get a price quote.
  • Chain Link Fences
    A chain link fence allows clear visibility, which means you can keep pets and children in and unwanted visitors out without obstructing your view.
  • Vinyl Fences
    Fade-resistant vinyl fencing is low maintenance and durable. New vinyl fence technology also makes it a versatile choice. Contact Peerless to learn more.
  • Steel Fences
    Nothing adds to the charm of your Wheaton home like an ornamental steel fence. Discover why so many of your neighbors are drawn to this enduring style.
  • Wrought Iron Fences
    A wrought iron fence is a classically appealing option. Timeless, elegant, and evocative of a simpler time, this style adds instant charm to any home.
  • Composite Fences
    Thanks to new materials, composite fence offers the appearance of wood fencing, stone fences, and metal fences. Composite fencing is also engineered to endure the tests of time and Mother Nature.
  • Privacy Fences
    Nosy neighbors or passersby can hinder your enjoyment of your yard or home. A privacy fence is an ideal solution. Learn more about privacy fence options or view our gallery for inspiration.
  • Swimming Pool Fences
    Thinking of installing a swimming pool? You’ll need a fence – it’s not just a safety measure, it’s the law. Learn more about installing a swimming pool fence in Wheaton or contact us for an estimate.
  • Security Fences
    Protecting your home and family should be your top priority. If your goal is to achieve privacy and security, Peerless' security fence is the solution for you!
Fence Repair Services
Restore, Replace or Repair a Damaged Fence in Wheaton

Peerless Fence doesn’t just install new fences – we’re also the fence repair company Wheaton homeowners call to fix damaged gates and fences.

Mother Nature can be brutal: Storm damage, falling trees, rust, and moisture wreak havoc on fences. Construction mishaps, errant vehicles, and horseplay can lead to fence damage, too. Here are some common fence repairs we make:

  • Replace a rotting wooden fence
  • Repair a sagging gate
  • Replace worn-out fence hardware
  • Fix a storm-damaged fence section
  • Fixing broken fence slats or panels
  • Fixing a leaning fence section
  • Replacing sagging fence posts

You need a permit before repairing a fence in the City of Wheaton. Contact us today to get a fence repair estimate.

Commercial Fence Contractors
Let Us Serve Your Business or Commercial Property

Peerless Fence has installed commercial fences for Wheaton businesses and commercial property owners for more than 50 years. Let us provide you a quote for your commercial fence project, including:

Don’t see your project listed here? Contact us today. We can handle virtually any commercial fence installation in Wheaton and surrounding areas.


In a village as beautiful as Wheaton, keeping fence codes and permits up to date is important. Fence installations come with stringent regulations and guidelines. While considering the addition of a fence to your home or business, keep the following details in mind:

  • A plat of survey (original or copy) must be submitted.
  • The fee for a fence permit is $50.
  • A yard fence can be up to six feet high.
  • A minimum of 24” clearance and access to utility equipment is required.

This is just a sample of the rules that apply to Wheaton fencing. Because the city maintains that adherence to codes and inspections is the responsibility of property owners, for your convenience, links to additional information are at the top of this page.

But if you don’t have the time and energy to keep on top of these regulations, we’ve got your back. Peerless is an expert in Wheaton's fencing regulations and can help you stay up to code.

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