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Who could have imagined that a new fence would make us so happy? It's so beautiful!

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Peerless Fence has provided installation and repair service to residential and commercial customers in Roselle since 1961. Peerless has installed fences throughout the Chicago-land area while committing to each individual customers standards. Our company specializes in upholding our customers values through the fence installation process. As a customer, you can trust Peerless fence to uphold the quality of your fence!

Our company offers a full range of fence materials and styles to fit your design and budgetary goals. Whether you’re interested in improving the curb appeal of your Roselle home or the safety and security of your Roselle business property, we have the expertise and quality you’re looking for.

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  • Our many decades of service has made us thoroughly familiar with Roselle fence permit regulations, enabling us to keep your project in compliance from start to finish.
  • We are family-owned business that values and emphasizes integrity.
  • Our wide selection of fence materials and styles offers quality and durability, while giving multiple options for affordable fencing.
  • Our professional fence installers are exceptional workers, and will take excellent care of your property while we work.
  • Peerless Fence has customer service second to none.
  • Peerless has been a member of the American Fence Association since 1977.
Our Fence Materials and Styles
A variety of building materials to create secure and durable fences.

One thing Peerless Fence has learned about Roselle over the years: The people of Roselle uphold the integrity of their residential property. Browse through the popular fence materials we’ve installed in the Roselle community:

  • Our natural cedar fences are elegant, sturdy, and are customizable with latticework or distinctive top patterns
  • Peerless Fence offers pine fences that are treated to prevent insect damage and decay. We also offer Copperwood pine that weathers beautifully
  • Our post and rail fences create a rustic look that fits many Roselle properties as well as creating openness for expansive landscape views
  • We also provide wrought iron fences that create a dignified atmosphere, as well as being extremely durable and low-maintenance
  • Our company also offers composite fences that look like stone or wood. However, composite fences are more affordable and require less maintenance. High recycled content of our composite fences makes them eco-friendly.
Fence Repair Services
Put new life into your old fence

Peerless Fence not only specializes in fence installation in Roselle we also handle fence repair work in Roselle on a regular basis. Peerless Fence repair services include:

  • Fix a leaning fence section
  • Repair a damaged fence panel
  • Repair a sagging gate
  • Replace worn-out fence hardware
  • Replace sagging fence posts

Let us handle your fence repair job – click below to contact us for an estimate.

Improve the safety and appearance of your retail or industrial building

If you own or manage a commercial property, Peerless Fence can help you with all of your fencing needs. We offer a large variety of fence styles to choose from. Our commercial fencing products include:

A secure, attractive and well-maintained business attracts profit and improves property value. Contact Peerless Fence to discuss your fencing requirements and any custom fence needs you may have — We can handle almost any custom fence project.

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