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Our Covid-19 Statement

COVID-19 has changed the way our world operates. No one has been immune to the far-reaching effects of this virus, and continuing to live our daily lives in the middle of a pandemic has been challenging to say the least.

Our company is committed to giving our customers the best possible experience despite these extenuating circumstances, but it has not been business as usual.

We and our vendor partners put our employee and customer safety before anything else. This has come at the cost of the “typical” way we’ve been able to manage our businesses. We have pivoted quickly to accommodate the changes needed to operate in our current reality, but there have been bumps in the road. We ask for your patience and a little grace as we navigate these challenges together.

A few things that have changed at Peerless Fence Group:

  • Our sales team is taking precautions by wearing masks, social distancing, staying outside of customer homes and businesses, and managing quotes digitally and over email. This has changed the consultation experience.
  • Our customer service and support teams are working remotely. We are lucky to have the technology and systems in place to make this possible, but communication delays can and have happened.
  • Our vendors and supply chains have been deeply affected. There is a general shortage of wood products across the nation. Our aluminum and vinyl vendors are experiencing record lead times. Some specialty colors and styles are taking up to 12 weeks to be made and shipped.
  • Our installers have had to adjust the way they conduct their installations to accommodate safety precautions.

Generally, we are experiencing longer lead times than expected at every step of the process. Our team is also quickly getting used to using new tools and working together in new ways. We don’t share this with you as an excuse or to discourage you from doing business with us. We feel it’s important to be transparent and to share with you the realities that our industry is facing and how that affects your fence project. We are engaged and committed as a team and put forth our absolute best effort every day to serve you and live up to our name.

What hasn’t changed:

  • Our commitment to serving our customers and community with quality craftsmanship and products.
  • Our promise to deliver our services to you with integrity.
  • Our pledge to keep our customers informed and, even with delays and challenges, install a quality fence for you, your family, or your business to enjoy and rely on for years to come.