Ornamental Fences

When you’re interested in adding a fence to your property that increases beauty as much as it improves security, you’ll find a lot to love about ornamental fences. Ornamental fencing is a strong, appealing option for neighborhood communities and private properties. At Peerless Fence & Supply, we provide a large catalog of ornamental fencing in Chicago, designed to both enhance and complete the overall aesthetic value of a site. Backed by 55-plus years in the industry, we’re the ornamental fence company you can trust for quality fences as well as for top-notch fence installation and repair services. Let us be your premiere shop for getting the right fence installed at your site.

Types of Ornamental Fences

Traditionally speaking, ornamental fencing is made of wrought iron, a material that is solid to the core and built to last a lifetime. Iron is not the only ornamental option, however. Here are some examples of the ornamental materials we use.

  • Wrought iron: Wrought iron ornamental fences are the perfect marriage of elegance and strength, and they’re highly customizable, too. Iron can be made to match the design and character of any home or business.
  • Aluminum or steel: Aluminum or steel products can be used instead of iron, and they often provide equal beauty and stability at a lesser cost. Ornamental steel fences are backed by a limited lifetime warranty against cracking, chipping or peeling, and they are completely maintenance-free. That means there’s no need for regular painting or upkeep!

Choosing the right type of ornamental fence is a personal choice and one that involves looking at your property, evaluating its needs, knowing your preferences and knowing your budget. At Peerless Fence & Supply, we’re happy to work with you to sift through your options and help you find the right fence for you.

Vendors We Work With for Ornamental Fencing

Please note, at Peerless Fence & Supply, we use a variety of high-quality ornamental products, but we work with a selection of primary vendors who are recognized for quality in the industry. These suppliers include:

  • Active Yards: Designed to be low-maintenance and complete with lifetime warranties, Active Yard ornamental fences are available in various styles, from scalloped and staggered to a two-rail ranch fence.
  • Ameristar: Ameristar Fence Products creates a variety of ornamental fences and gates that can work beautifully around yards, pools, pet areas and more. Made to be maintenance-free and affordable, Ameristar fences come in iron, steel and aluminum options.
  • Economy Iron: The iron ornamental fences from Economy Iron are built to last a lifetime, created at affordable prices and available in a wide range of styles.

While these are our primary vendors, we are able to order parts from other vendors if needed — even if you have a repair on an ornamental fence brand not listed here. Talk to us anytime about your desire for a new fence or specific installation and repair services. Our team is ready and willing to work with you — contact us today!

Look through our galleries for inspiration and explore all that’s possible with ornamental fencing.


Our Suppliers:

  • Trex
  • ActiveYards
  • Merchants Metals
  • Ozark
  • Master Halco
  • SimTek
  • HLH
  • D & D Technologies
  • Barnett Bates Orsogril
  • Pexco
  • Elite
  • Ameristar
  • Bufftech
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