Dog Fence Installation And Repair

There are few things dogs love more than having space outside in which to roam and play. However, if you want your dogs to frolic in safety, you need a dog fence. Whether it’s a no-frills chain link fence that keeps your pets within your yard or a privacy-enhancing wood fence that protects them from wanting to bark at every passer-by, dog fences make all the difference in safe pet playtime. When the residential fencing you love sustains damage and needs repair work, contact Peerless Fence! Our expert contractors know the ins and outs of dog fence installation and dog fence repair — so we’re your one-stop resource for putting up the right fence and keeping it looking beautiful for years to come.

The Value of Dog Fencing

Whether you’re enclosing your backyard or your entire property, fences offer several important benefits for pet owners. For one thing, you can contain your pet. Instead of worrying that your dog accidentally runs into traffic, gets lost or chases after some neighbor kids, you can rest easy knowing your dog is protected.

Likewise, with a view-blocking privacy fence, you can protect your pet from constant distractions that have it barking at neighbors or reacting to other animals nearby. Like any property fence, dog fences provide added security. Also, when chosen to complement your home or other buildings, they offer enhanced curb appeal and property value.

Quality Dog Fence Installation From Peerless Fence

Peerless Fence specializes in fence installation services that see you through from initial consultation to final walk-through with professionalism and skill. We start by meeting with you — in our office or privately in your home — to discuss options. You sign and contract to return with a deposit, and then there are some permits to obtain. We schedule the installation, prepare the jobsite and come to you with a crew to install your dog fence. The first morning of the job, your foreman will have you approve the layout; at completion, the foreman will go over the whole installation with you and make sure you’re fully satisfied.

Expert and Reliable Dog Fence Repair

Backed by more than 50 years in the industry, Peerless Fence specializes in a wide range of fencing solutions, including repair and replacement, as needed. We understand the types of fencing materials and how damaging factors like weather, wood rot, vandalism and accidents can affect them. When you come to us with a broken or damaged fence, we can apply effective treatment to restore it to its proper appearance and functionality. We work with post and rail fences, stockade fences, vinyl fences and ornamental fences in materials like steel, aluminum, custom iron and more. Whether you’re dealing with a few sections of damage or a fence that needs to be fully replaced, we can help.

Interested in learning more about the fences we offer? Looking for help with some fence repair on your dog fence? Contact us today to learn more.
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