Indoor Fencing in Chicago

Peerless Fence & Supply is the full-service fence company Chicago businesses trust for not only outdoor fencing, but also interior fencing of all kinds. In business for over 50 years, Peerless carries innovative indoor fencing options that upgrade aesthetics as well as boost security. Whether placed around data centers, electrical equipment, or storage areas, our top-quality products help secure property from unauthorized access and expensive damages. As the leading commercial fence company in Chicago, Peerless knows how to bring outside security in — using a wide range of materials to provide just the indoor fencing solution you need.

Bringing Your Security Indoors

Many people may not realize it, but indoor fencing is not only possible, it’s often the most effective solution to a variety of security, storage, and organizational problems. At Peerless, we have clients that have used fencing within their warehouses to secure files and records, sensitive materials, chemicals and inventory, to give a few examples. Backed by years of experience with commercial fencing in Chicago, our experts can create whatever interior fencing you need — even a custom-built floor-to-ceiling aerosol room if your warehouse requires it. Like many of our other services, if you present us with a need, we will find a way to meet it.

A Wide Range of Fencing Materials

While it’s true that chain link is most often used for indoor fences and barricades, there are a variety of other materials that can also be used for interior fencing in Chicago. Micro mesh products, such as Ameristar’s Matrix Secure Perimeter Enclosure Containment system, for example, can provide extra protection to your property. The Matrix SPEC system gives you options to use a variety of mesh fillers to meet the aesthetic and security specifications your project requires. It has the flexibility to be configured however you need.

Taking Interior Fences One Step Further

Give your inventory an added layer of security by protecting it with an indoor security and gate system. Locking gates and doors can be easily incorporated in the Matrix SPEC system as well as any other fabricated custom barriers that we build. Its design is open and allows for circulation of HVAC, indoor lighting, and fire suppression systems, even while still providing security.

Our Chicago fence contractors have a strong reputation for excellence — and as the largest and most established fencing company in the area, we’re committed to giving you the exterior or interior fence that best meets your needs. Our clients include homeowners, major municipalities, corporations and more, all of whom have one thing in common: the desire for quality fencing delivered with the utmost professionalism and care. Whether you’re looking for wood, wrought iron, aluminum, chain link or vinyl fencing — or even if you don’t know what you need — let us help with everything from selection to installation to repairs. Peerless is the fence company for Chicago clients like you. Contact us


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