Barrier Gates

A Better Design

We’ve taken the traditional barrier gate and made it not only more secure but also safer. Single-arm barrier gates, while popular, can be dangerous. An individual accessing the property of a client of ours was driving up to the business, the early morning sun shining. The glare from the sun prevented him from seeing the gate, and so he drove right through it. The gate busted through his windshield and luckily only damaged the vehicle.

Our design does away with the single-arm style and instead boasts a heftier frame more likely to more safely stop a vehicle attempting to pass through. Another benefit of a larger gate arm is the ability to post helpful signage to it for motorists. It makes instructions, hours and warnings (as well as the gate itself) easy to see and hard to miss. Gates are available with either a round or square frame, galvanized or powder-coated.

A Team of Experts

While we are partial to our design, we are capable of designing and installing whatever type of gate best suits your property and project. If the gate requires automation, our gate operator division, Gate Options, can help you develop a system appropriate for the traffic and security levels your gate will encounter.


Our Suppliers:

  • Trex
  • ActiveYards
  • Merchants Metals
  • Ozark
  • Master Halco
  • SimTek
  • HLH
  • D & D Technologies
  • Barnett Bates Orsogril
  • Pexco
  • Elite
  • Ameristar
  • Bufftech
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